Feeling Generous?

I’ve had a fair number of people approach me throughout my career and asked if they could help or support me further. This may have been out of the goodness of their hearts or at times looking to compensate some aid I might have provided free of charge.  In any case, for those who want to contribute in some way I’ve set this page up which contains ways you can support me or buy me a beer if that’s your thing =).

Clicking the button bellow will take you to paypal where you can type in any purpose you want and any amount you feel like. Please take note while donating that my paypal email address is: redstormj@gmail.com (this should be at the top of the page).

If paypal isn’t your thing and you want to send me a present, book or anything else through the mail, you can do so to the following address:

Jose R. Lopez
8227 NW 66TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33195-2843
United States

Note: the above is a mail forwarder address in the USA. If you are sending from within the Dominican Republic, please use my contact address instead.

If instead of all the above, you just rather buy me something I’ve already peaked interest in you can always find a good selection in my Amazon Wishlist.