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Thank you once more for your interest.  You can find links to download my CV bellow.

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I am currently 35 years old, out of which 17 have been entirely devoted to my profession… Technology.  My academic background includes Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design and Information Technology which I’ve completed over the course of my professional career across three different countries.

I started out right out of high school, I was offered an entry position at a local Web Design firm as the “scanner boy”.  I did not hesitate to take it on and just a few months into the job I was already developing websites myself.

The gained experience over the first 6 years of my career prepped me enough to embark solo in 2004.  From that point forward I’ve been working mainly as a contractor or consultant and helped dozens of businesses, governmental institutions and individuals make their online presence shine.

I am passionate about what I do and I never hesitate to take on any challenge that I am presented.

If you enjoy my style or feel I am suited for your project, drop me a line or get in touch, I am always happy to hear ideas and give them proper guidance.

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Thank you for your interest.  Please note that at this time I am unable to offer consultation over the phone.  If you would like a consultation with me you have two choices:

  • If located in the Dominican Republic, you can call up my office (number bellow) and one of my staff members will collect your data so we can schedule a free appointment in our office.
  • If you would rather book me for a visit to your location (within the Dominican Republic) the cost per consultation is 100 USD (paid in advanced) and you will have my availability for up to 2 hours.

If none of the above are suited for you (or you are located outside the Dominican Republic), alternatively you may fill out the form bellow for an electronic consultation.

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    27 de Febrero #323, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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    Résumé / Curriculum Vitae

    Gracias nuevamente por su interés en mi perfil profesional.  Puedes descargar mi CV / Resume usando los enlaces debajo.

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    I’ve had a fair number of people approach me throughout my career and asked if they could help or support me further. This may have been out of the goodness of their hearts or at times looking to compensate some aid I might have provided free of charge.  In any case, for those who want to contribute in some way I’ve set this page up which contains ways you can support me or buy me a beer if that’s your thing =).

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    Jose R. Lopez
    8227 NW 66TH ST
    MIAMI, FL 33195-2843
    United States

    Note: the above is a mail forwarder address in the USA. If you are sending from within the Dominican Republic, please use my contact address instead.

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    Tengo 35 años de edad, de los cuales 17 han sido enteramente dedicados a mi profesión… Tecnología.  Mis antecedentes académicos incluyen Mercadeo, Diseño Gráfico, Publicidad y Tecnología de la Información, los cuales divergen en los fundamentos de mi experiencia profesional que abarca tres paises en total.

    Comencé fresco al salir de la secundaria donde me ví en la oportunidad de trabajar para un estudio de diseño web local como el “escaneador”.  Al cabo de solo unos meses me encontré trabajando en el desarrollo de páginas de manera comercial.

    La experiencia adquirida en los primeros seis años de mi profesión, me dieron una base sólida para iniciar mi carrera independiente a partir del 2004.  Desde entonces he trabajado como consultor, contratista y profesional independiente a través de pequeños negocios, instituciones gubernamentales y otras empresas de renombre dentro y fuera de la República Dominicana.

    Soy apasionado por lo que hago y como tal nunca pienso dos veces en lanzarme ante cualquier reto profesional.

    Si gusta de mi estilo y cree que mi experiencia podría servirle a su projecto, contácteme por correo o usando mis variadas formas de contacto, siempre estoy atento a cualquier idea innovadora donde pueda ofrecer ayuda y dirección commercial.

    Descarga mi CV Lee mi Blog


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    Gracias por su interés.  Por favor tenga en cuenta que en estos momentos no ofresco consultas vía telefonica. Si le gustaria consultar conmigo usted tiene dos opciones:

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    • Puede reservar una cita conmigo en su domicilio.  El costo es de 100 dolares por consulta (pagados por adelantado) y contará con mi presencia por un máximo de dos horas.

    Alternativamente puede enviarme un correo electrónico o llenar el formulario debajo para una consulta electronica.

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      27 de Febrero #323, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

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      Here are some pictures I thought would be fun to share so you can get to know me a little better =).

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      • Mis platos favoritos de FitCuisine
        Mis platos favoritos de FitCuisine
      • These are from a recent trip to Curazao
        These are from a recent trip to Curazao
      • This is my mom's dog who I helped raised and love her dearly. She is a Cocker Spaniel
        This is my mom's dog who I helped raised and love her dearly. She is a Cocker Spaniel
      • This is my 'almost 1 year old' Shih-Tzu
        This is my 'almost 1 year old' Shih-Tzu

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      Jose R. Lopez
      8227 NW 66TH ST
      MIAMI, FL 33195-2843
      United States

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