I am currently 35 years old, out of which 17 have been entirely devoted to my profession… Technology.  My academic background includes Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design and Information Technology which I’ve completed over the course of my professional career across three different countries.

I started out right out of high school, I was offered an entry position at a local Web Design firm as the “scanner boy”.  I did not hesitate to take it on and just a few months into the job I was already developing websites myself.

The gained experience over the first 6 years of my career prepped me enough to embark solo in 2004.  From that point forward I’ve been working mainly as a contractor or consultant and helped dozens of businesses, governmental institutions and individuals make their online presence shine.

I am passionate about what I do and I never hesitate to take on any challenge that I am presented.

If you enjoy my style or feel I am suited for your project, drop me a line or get in touch, I am always happy to hear ideas and give them proper guidance.

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