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From email novice to email pro with 5 easy tips

I’m an email pro. Working on the web since 1998 and sharing my email on thousands of websites has taught me to be organized with my email. I have collected a set of tips that you can implement TODAY and will make you at least 40% more efficient with your mailbox.

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Fixing your statistics software when using nginx as a reverse proxy

Whenever you use Nginx as a Reverse Proxy on your server you are likely to have issues with your server analytics being confused about where traffic is coming from. This is because the requests would appear to be coming through the main server IP and not the actual client requesting the files. This is for […]

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Recovering from cPanel RMP issues

Ocasionally, any cPanel server is likely to come across issues it is unable to resolve on its own. One that is a little difficult to troubleshoot is RPM conflicts and RPM duplicates which in particular happen often on my DNS Only servers.  As I come across these somewhat often, I’ve setup some troubleshooting steps for […]

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