Life after Lasik Surgery (3 month update)

December 1, 2015

This blog isn’t just about technical stuff, I tend to ramble a bit on personal issues that I feel are worth sharing.  As such, today I want to give you a 3 month update on my recent Lasik Surgery.

I had a pretty horrid prescription, one that accompanied me for 25 long years.  At its peak it was at -11 on each eye, what that means essentially is that I could not see anything without my glasses, it was all just a big blur.

Fortunately, despite the range in my prescription, my eyes were eligible for Lasik, so I did not hesitate to sign the papers, break the piggy bank and get my eyes corrected.  Today marks that 3 month period and I thought it was relevant to share some of my post-surgery experiences with those considering this procedure or anyone interested in the topic.

Overall I am extremely happy with my results so far.  I can work perfectly fine, I have not had any headaches nor major issues aside the above.  Additionally being able to wear sunglasses has been a God send, specially considering I live in the Caribbean where the sun does not forgives.

What about you? have you had Lasik surgery? what was your experience like?