Getting the blog started!

November 16, 2015

Starting a new blog is always a bit awkward.  Mainly in this instance because despite being the first post, this is not actually the start of the blog.  You see, I’ve had this blog for several years now and while I don’t post very often, it has kept well for a while.  That said, the blog initially was meant to be only Spanish, so this being my first post in a foreign language kicks things off again (sort of speak).  Considering I currently have no audience, I think this post is best serve at setting some ground rules and defining a path of what my goals are.

Post Frequency: I’ve always been very bad at sticking to a schedule when it comes to my personal doings so I am not going to pretend I’ll be posting every day (or every week even).  I do believe in setting yourself achievable goals, so I am going to set myself up with at least one blog per month as a getting started frequency.

Post Topics: I wear many hats in life as such I always have a lot going on.  Because I always have a lot on my mind, topics do come with ease… but that’s not necessarily very organized.  Since I’ve built this website out of my professional doings and my hobbies I am going to stick to that precisely.  Some of the things you can expect to find here: video games, reviews, movies, tech stuff and of course, always a bit of rambling.

Goals: I honestly don’t have a set goal in mind.  I’ve always liked the idea of having a place to share my memories and adventures as they happen and a blog seems fitting considering I am tech all around.  I like the idea of looking back at my timeline and seeing what I have accomplished, both personally and professionally.  So I guess my main goal (for now) is to use this blog as a public image that represents who I am, what I do and what I am passionate about.

Format: I tend to talk… a lot.  As such some of my postings in the past have been rather large.  That is difficult to read and while I stand behind my content and value it highly I also understand as a reader it is not pleasant to be greeted by a wall of text, so I will put great effort in making posts short, simple and easy to follow.  That will allow me to be consistent and focus on quality above quantity.

I believe these to be a great starting point for me to get started so I’ll leave this at that.  If you just happen to have found my blog by whatever means, please drop me a line bellow and let me know what sort of content you’ll like to read from me and I’ll keep it in consideration.